Avocado rustification


To resist perfectly the definitive shock of transplant in farms, the nursery has an important rustification area for the last stage of vegetative and root growth. This involves the exposure to high solar radiation during the 60 previous days of the delivery.

“60 days strengthening the adaptation before the transplant”



Modern metal greenhouses achieve a higher natural catchment of infrared rays with a minimal drain of accumulated temperature during the winter period. Each module is covered with polyethylene films that filter ultraviolet rays, and has opening systems in order to control thermal and ventilated movements. In some of them transplant is performed from small seedlings from the seedbed. These stations are equipped with a computerized system that activates an anti-evaporation fog in order to minimize the risks of moving the valuable genetic material.

“Structures designed to resist winds up to 150 Km /h”

Optimal substratum


More than 3000 cubic meters of substratum per year are used to fill the pots of seedlings and plants. The perfect combination of soil, compost for agricultural use and worm humus strikes a balance between a high availability of nutrients and an adequate permeability that prevents compaction in the root growth.

“Combination of nutrients and adequate permeability”

Heating system


Vivero Citrus is the first argentinian establishment in heating their greenhouses for seed propagation of tropical varieties. Uses an italian heater that regulates automatically the programmed temperature. The system allows to obtain in winter optimal, constant and necessary temperature to enable the cell reproduction

“Heaters with capacity of 100,000 kg / Cal / Hs”




All varieties or cultivars processed at this nursery are obtained by grafting. With this procedure we place a particular variety in a rootstocks of the same species. Thus plants are obtained identical to clone selected by our customers. This is done because the identical genetic characteristics of a mother plant are not transmitted through seed.

“Half a million buds grow into blocks of increment”

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